Connecting you to a healthier future

Create a healthier tomorrow for you and your family with Kalinga, an integrated platform connecting Filipinos to healthcare providers and services at their fingertips.


Healthcare at your fingertips

Download Kalinga mobile app for free to access our healthcare services and connect with your trusted providers wherever you are.

About us

The importance of health has been around for as long as humans exist, and with today’s available technologies, people can be more in control of their health.

Bringing to Filipinos the Care They Deserve

Filipinos are some of the most caring people in the world. Kalinga was built bearing a mission to give back the care you and your family deserves.

We want to bring healthcare to people rather than for people to seek it. Using the power of technology, we developed an integrated platform that allows Filipinos to access healthcare providers and services at their comfort.

Creating a healthier tomorrow for your loved ones has never been more convenient!


Kalinga Services

Medical Center Finder

Find doctors and medical centers near you from the country’s most comprehensive geo-location database of healthcare providers.

Virtual Consultation

Schedule an appointment to consult with your trusted healthcare expert at the comfort and safety of your home.

Delivery Service

Save time and effort by having your medicines and other healthcare items delivered straight to your doorstep.

Healthcare Programs and Services

Subscribe and join a variety of programs and services specially designed by healthcare experts for you.

Family Healthcare Manager

Record and track you and your loved ones’ health data, doctor’s appointments, and prescriptions all in one place.